Serve at ALC on an Activate Team!

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God has given each of us unique talents. At ALC, we want to use those talents to glorify God and serve in His church. Each A-Team has been designed to help you reach your highest potential.


No matter what your giftings are, we believe that each person has an important function within the body of Christ. Sign up for an A-Team today and see how God can use the talents He has given you to change the lives of others.


Join an A-Team!

Click the button of the A-Team you would like to join and send us an email expressing your interest!

Please include your name and phone number.


AL Kids

A group that teaches young children about Christianity through songs, crafts and activities each Sunday morning during services.


AL Kids Bus Ministry

This team offers free bus rides to a Sunday morning service and free breakfast for kids (3 years – 5th grade) in southwest Springfield.


AL Tech Arts & Media

This creative team helps prepare and run all visual and sound arts for each service.


AL Nursery

A safe, nurturing, loving place for infants and toddlers to come during ALC services. Childcare open to ladies high school age and up.


AL Worship

A team using music, drama, dance, lights, sound and technology to express their love for God on Sunday mornings at both services.


Coffee Prep Team

A team that arrives early on Sundays to prep coffee for everyone attending on Sunday mornings.


Door Greeting Team

A group of friendly people that stand at the doors and welcome all guests at Sunday morning services.


Guest Connection Team

A team of volunteers that helps welcome brand new guests to the church at every Saturday and Sunday service, and at our Next Steps guest reception.


Nursing Home Visitation Team

A team of volunteers that ministers and encourages residents of Jordan Valley Nursing & Rehab on Sunday mornings for half an hour.


Shiloh Hour Prayer

A small group of prayer warriors that meet on Sunday mornings at 8:15 AM in the ALC office.


Stephen Ministry

A caring ministry that is a complete system that trains laypeople to provide Christian care to hurting people in our church and our community.


We are thrilled to announce we are launching this caring ministry that will be an ongoing resource/service we provide at Abundant Life.


For example, if someone experiences a crisis, such as a death in the family, job loss, divorce, devastating medical diagnosis, etc. a trained member of the team would be available to walk alongside that person as they deal with the situation.  Or maybe we have people who are new in town and are just lonely.  These are all situations where we have the opportunity to really be the church-a family for those who are hurting.  But a church can’t be a support system if it isn’t equipped to help those people in times of pain.


Stephen Ministry will help us do just that – equip that support system so that when there is a need, we as a church are able to say, “Here is someone who can come alongside you and love you.”


For more information, go to


Interested in becoming a Stephen Minister?

Download the Stephen Minister Application, fill it out, and return to the Church Office.


Victory Mission Chapel Service

A team that leads worship, a gospel message, and an offer to know Jesus at a monthly service at Springfield’s Victory Mission!

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