Currently meeting in HOUSE CHURCHES!

Let's build something real

The B-Group ministry at Abundant Life Church is centered around our deep desire to love people well, and for every person to find authentic friendships in church. Groups meet in homes or around the community, in settings designed to build strong friendships and grow as believers.

We have a bunch of different groups that highlight different interests! Each B-Group has its own focus, so you can choose one that appeals to you. You’re welcome to sign up for as many B-Groups as you want!

Do you have an interest in starting your own B-Group? Click on “Register a Group” to get started!

"Our greatest blessings are the friendships we have made. Friendships that are authentic, real, dependable and lasting." - Christa Clark

"We are blessed by the people we have met already and the ones we are developing relationships with. We are looking forward to getting involved and excited to be a part of this vibrant fellowship. This church has a vision for the future to see Springfield won to the Lord and people needs met. There is something for everyone." - Alaine Stevens

"People in Abundant Life Church are approachable, accommodating, nice and understanding." - Judy Santiago