Activate. Belong. Cultivate.

What is an Activate Team (A-Team)?

A group that serves together in a ministry on Sunday morning at ALC. Groups include: ALC Worship, Abundant Life Kids, door greeters, nursing home ministry, etc. These teams are service-based, and provide vital volunteer help to the church.

What is a Belong Group (B-Group)?

A group created to build friendships with those of similar interests. B-Groups meet at various times in various places through the week.

What is Cultivate Night?

An open meeting for those interested in leadership development at ALC. We host Cultivate Night every Wednesday night (besides the first week of the month) at ALC.

What is Celebration Wednesday?

A family-friendly dinner and service hosted on the first Wednesday of the month. EVERYONE is invited to come eat dinner together, build friendships and grow their faith.

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