Cuba Mission Trip 2019

Abundant Life Church hosted an evangelistic mission trip to Cuba in March 2019!


This year, we saw over 193 people start a relationship with Jesus and 591 Cubans experienced miracle healing! We also helped plant 4 churches, build an auditorium, and a children's ministry area!


Check out some amazing highlights from last year’s trip, and join your faith with ours as we continue to seek to reach the world for Christ!

Abundant Life Church is a missions giving church

Abundant Life is a SURGE Project Partner. The SURGE Project is a network of missionary pastors that are taking the gospel to every part of the world using the principle of multiplication through discipleship.

For about $3000, they can start a local church and support an indigenous missionary pastor for one year. After that year, that missionary pastor is expected to have at least 10 tithing members in his congregation that would enable him to live at the same level of his congregants as a full-time pastor.

They have a very high success rate in planting mission churches in this way, and many of these local churches go on to become mission church planters themselves. Through a network of relationships, each pastor and his church is supported in prayer, discipleship, accountability, and giving.

After seeing the SURGE Project and hearing from its supporters and several of its missionary pastors, Abundant Life Church decided to plant the seed of $10,000 as an initial faith offering. Our initial gift went to plant a little over 3 churches over the first year, and possibly thousands of churches over the next decade as the principle of multiplication by the Spirit goes to work for us.

We were excited to give this initial offering, and are made plans to give beyond it. In 2015 Abundant Life Church gave over $75,000 to the SURGE Project. God blessed us with a new church building in 2013, and is continuing to rain His blessings as we dedicate our mission to evangelism and missions.

With growing networks like The SURGE Project, we truly believe the best is yet to come for our world!