New Grain Campus

New Grain is a place to reach a community in a community.

Downtown is nothing new to Abundant Life. This once was a place where we called home. Now we return with a second ALC campus to spread the love of Jesus to a community that leads to encounters that causes growth.

Service Times: 

Prayer - 9:30am

Worship - 11am

Where to go?

There is a Parking Garage just North of New Grain! See map below

Pastor Kinzey serves as the Pastor with his wife Victoria at Abundant Life New Grain.

Tell us how long you have been married and how you met:

We have been married 7 years this January. We met each other at the church we both attended and served at in Texas.  

How long have you been at Abundant Life Church?

We’ve been a part of ALC for three and a half years. 

What is your favorite part about doing ministry at ALC?

Our favorite part about doing ministry at ALC is the people. Building relationships has been the best thing about being at ALC. Without community, we could not do what we do.  

What are your top three favorite things to do in your free time?

  1. We love spending quality time with our three children, Raul (17), Addy (16), Bella (14) 
  2. We love to go to dinner and a movie for date nights. 
  3. We love to have fun outings with our friends and small group. 

What is one fun fact about you guys that you think everyone should know?

We met each other in church and decided when we got married that we would always follow Jesus whenever, however, and wherever he calls us. 

Kinzey and Victoria got married in 2017, and have three children, Raul (17), Addy (16), Bella (14)  .